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“For musicians by (surprisingly) musicians.” – Niv Dayan

The mash-up we’re creating will be a service for musicians and people interested in playing instruments. It will enable them to connect with each other. You will log into the site using OpenID. The site will have a map with your current location indicated on it. You will be able to find people depending on the instrument they play and see their location on the map (if they wish to disclose such information). By clicking on a particular person the users of the site will see details of that user and look at the music they listen to. We will implement that using last.fm by grabbing data relating to music recently listened to. The users will also be able to see most frequently listened to artists and particular tracks. That will allow the user to compare the taste of the other person to that of their own, which extends further than being a listener of music belonging to a particular genre. We also intend to use myspace permitting users to listen to music other people have already created. A messaging service based on their e-mail addresses will allow to contact other people since we don’t want to implement a database storing messages.

See the bottom paragraph for the implementation of our smoothie.


Giving the poster a whole new dimension.

Executive summarisation of the entrepreneurial venture into the field of interwebs  (we couldn’t come up with anything more conceptually perplexing and vapid)

Have you ever wanted to meet capitalistically unproductive (Marx wouldn’t agree with that) creative people? We simply wish to impress upon You, dear readers, that we disagree with the system that has institutionalised left-brain thinking people and put them on a podium as the pinnacle of individual human progress on this one and only earth. Do you dig(g) this?

We have distilled a perfect formula to upturn the current way of altering how people mingle online. Our concept allows You, the creative individual seeking self-invention in the age of conformism, to assert that it is possible to be different. We will provide the means through our ubiquitous service to seek like-minded individuals.

The technical side will invole extensive use of YUI, Ajax, Google Maps API, last.fm API and the myspace API. Our intention is to combine all these individually luscious ingredients and create the perfect smoothie anyone can enjoy. We will mash it all up, add a pinch of salt to it according to taste, and serve You with something that will allow You to find other people depending on their instrument of choice and arrange a creative jamming session possibly leading to something larger. You will be able to browse their musical taste (that’s where last.fm comes into play) and have a peek at their talents – even listen to them, as a matter of fact, via their myspace profile. Since people are generally located somewhere in space and time, we will provide necessary functionality to find people on a google map and see when they are available for a session of creative music playing. Using the messaging feature built into the site You will be able to contact Your musical soulmates.

Your constructive comments are appreciated, relating to this article.

— Stuart, Niv and Karlis.


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